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Rich Gunther token

A new platform of GUNTHER will be presented on Binance Smart Chain. GUNTHER has the potential to transform for the blockchain game by 2 main game genres: Betting game and play-to-earn game.

  1. Betting game: Dice, Jackpot, Lottery, Gun Fish, … These make players interested in and get a big profit. Besides, when placing a bet, players will be rewarded with 0,3% extra PTE (play-to-earn) Token. This Token will be used in HEROIII game, which is the new play-to-earn game after Card Magic.

2. Play To earn game: Card Magic Each hero and gear is backed by a unique NFT built on the BEP-721 standard

With Card Magic Players can earn by:

  1. The ranking will be announced at, the higher position, the bigger rewards you get
  2. Join the battlefield: Players can challenge friend and vice versa. The winner will get NFT betted, in contrast, loser will lose NFT betted for each round.
  3. Join the weekly tournament with huge prizes for the winners.
  4. Sell NFT card on NFT marketplace

Gunther’s Products

  1. Staking game
  2. Dice game
  3. Jackport game
  4. Lottery game
  5. Shooting fish game
  6. Card Magic game


Rich Gunther Token (GUNTHER) is the governance token of Rich Gunther, issued on Binance Smart Chain. The total supply of GUNTHER is 1,000,000,000,000 tokens

GUNTHER contract address (BSC): 0x3EAF271ECC4a52ce48a1E36Fd90b20dC4C01060d


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